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Learnt something new about cron today.. ==History== A while back, this little vulnerability came up regarding a vulnerability in the Linux kernel in handling core dumps. In a nutshell, attackers could get a root shell on a vulnerable machine by dumping core to /etc/cron.d and waiting a little more than a minute. ==Now== Back when […]

it works!


.. ok well.. not quite.. but first.. screenie! It finally works! And the solution? Use Skype 2.0 instead. Seems like lots of users having been facing issues with webcams in Skype 2.5 as well. And judging from the responses on the forums, downgrading to the 2.0 branch tends to solve things. I downloaded Skype […]

Gonna be heading overseas for a while, so decided to spend a little time ensuring that it’ll be easy (not to mention cheap) for me to phone home. Been playing with VMWare for a while before this, so decided on the Skype on Windows route. (Skype developers, if you’re ever reading this, for goodness sake, […]



Welcome to slackrw guys (and gals) Just a page here to keep track of my encounters in the tech world.. I’ll try to do stuff like reviews of stuff that I’ve tried out.. or maybe a tip or two.. depending on what I can come up with 😉 I’m mainly into Linux and OSS, so […]