it works!


.. ok well.. not quite..

but first.. screenie!

It finally works!

And the solution?

Use Skype 2.0 instead.

Seems like lots of users having been facing issues with webcams in Skype 2.5 as well. And judging from the responses on the forums, downgrading to the 2.0 branch tends to solve things.

I downloaded Skype from here and installed it in the virtual machine. Clicked on the “Webcam  preview” button, and taa-daa! Web cam preview!

Thought it was an issue with VMWare’s implementation of the graphics card in the virtual environment at first.. and I even started sourcing for ways to activate 3D hardware acceleration for VMWare. But it currently only works for Workstation though.

Anyway, glad that it’s resolved now.


2 Responses to “it works!”

  1. 1 Neudorfer Wolfgang


    Thx for this tip, my webcam works fine with the! 🙂



  2. Hi Wolfgang!

    Glad that helped 🙂

    Was searching for the answer for a long time too before stumbling on that “solution”


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