File system benchmarks


Since Slackware 11.0 was released, I’ve been wanting to wipe my HDD and start afresh. Of course then comes the usual concerns about how the system should be set up. I came across these two pages today, detailing the results of benchmarks against some of the more popular file systems commonly used in the *NIX world: ext2, ext3, ReiserFs, Reiser 4, XFS and JFS

From Debian Administration

and from Linux Gazette, 122, January 2006

I’d normally format my partitions as ReiserFS outright, but after reading the articles above, I’ve begin to consider going back to ext3 again.

Apart from the long format times for ext3 which is really a one-off issue, there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason to carry on using ReiserFS.

One concern I have though, is that one of the comments on the Debian Administration article mentioned that

My experience is that ‘ext3’ requires at least 10% free space to perform decently over time (the 5% default is the absolute minimum that should be done) and 20-30% free space reserve is a lot better.

Does anyone have numbers supporting this? From personal experience on my desktop, I’ve filled the drive before and performance hits (if any) were negligible.

Looks like I’ll be trying out ext3 on the new install this weekend.

Do drop me comments if you have any suggestions =)


One Response to “File system benchmarks”

  1. I’ve got servers that take a performance hit when the drives fill up above 80%. They are running ext3. You tend to not see it happen with Desktops.

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