Troubles with OpenOffice


Well, finally on Slackware 11.0 after such a long wait =)

Haven’t had much time for a full review, but can’t say it’s a groundbreaking set of changes. In a diplomatic way, Slackware still stands for stability and speed.. but there times when you just want some of that eye-candy-love oh-so-much =)

That said, ran into some problems with OpenOffice recently (a bad time since there are a lot of reports due soon). I found that I suddenly couldn’t start OO.o at all. Writer, Calc.. everything. Printer Admin was nice enough to start but still it was utterly pointless. I tried reinstalling quite a few times, downgrading to 2.0.3, but to no avail.

Running it from the menu simply resulted in a period of HDD activity, some CPU burst and then silence. Running it from the command line gave absolutely no errors messages at all, so troubleshooting was about impossible. It just jumped a little then died suddenly.

I could run it as $ sudo , but running as root/sudo wasn’t really the point here. Running it from root’s desktop environment worked as well but just not from my normal user’s desktop.

Was about ready to tear my hair out when I stumbled across this thread on
The solution thus:

Thanks to all for the replies. I removed “/tmp/OSL_PIPE_1000_SingleOfficeIPC_9dda32a3d73215f86e9477f2b93d23” and it worked again.

So that’s what I did. And it worked.


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