Missing formatting toolbar on Trac


This happened to me after upgrading from Trac 0.10 to 0.11.

I’m running Debian Sid, and I simply apt-get installed the newer version of Trac.

Upon restarting Apache, and trying to access my Trac page again, I get the message that I need to manually perform the upgrade of the Trac files. Ok, so I do:

trac-admin /path/to/projenv upgrade

as recommended. That seemed to bring my Trac back, so I was happy.

However, when I wanted to write a new wiki page, I realised that the nifty formatting toolbar that used to appear over the textarea had now gone missing. Much Googling didn’t help, and unfortunately neither did the IRC channel. Looking back again at the TracUpgrade page included as part of the Trac wiki, I noticed another command that I had yet to run, the one to upgrade the wiki.

trac-admin /path/to/projenv wiki upgrade

I didn’t figure that this might help bring back my formatting toolbar. I only thought that it might be a good thing to run in the meantime, while I googled a little more.

I ran it, and lo and behold, it brought my formatting toolbar back! Unfortunately, this is not very intuitive, upgrading the wiki (implying information/data) to restore parts of the UI (presentation).

Anyway, hope this helps someone!


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