New open source projects


I’ve been working on some stuff lately, and have found the need to dig deep and write some code of my own. They’re really small now, but all the same, I hope it’ll be useful to someone. Both DustJacket and isbndbpy below are written in Python.


A Python wrapper library for handling ebooks (only ePubs for now).

I’d been looking around for one of these in Python for a while but was unable to find one. It was really annoying being told, “Oh, an ePub is just a ZIP file, so you should be able to easily unzip it and read its contents.” Well, yeah. A car is essentially a platform on four wheels, but they’re much nicer than that now aren’t they?


A Python API wrapper library for the API

Same scenario as above. Need the code, couldn’t find a decent one (especially not in Python!), so decided to scratch that itch and make one myself. So here you go.

isbndbpy‘s implementation of the API is still quite incomplete though, so you have been warned.

That said, if anyone finds these projects even mildly useful, leave a comment! (And even better, help contribute to the projects! Basic stuff like tests, docs and general completeness is still greatly needed!)


2 Responses to “New open source projects”

  1. Hello

    I know this was posted a long time ago but so far it seems to be one of the most complete libraries for reading epubs. However I’m not sure how to use it. Do you have any examples?

    Thank you

  2. Hi sorry, I don’t have ready made examples at the moment. Would you happen to have got it working?

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