The Azure Xmas Workshop


With the holiday season round the corner and 2012 just coming to a close, members of the tech community  in Singapore were treated to the Azure Xmas Workshop — an evening of learning about Azure, made only more enjoyable with the on-coming Christmas cheer and the upcoming holiday season.

With three well-respected speakers in the tech scene, attendees of the Azure Xmas Workshop took part in an evening filled with useful tips on how they could make Microsoft Azure  work for them, be it in their work, or professional projects.

Michael Cheng, mig33

Michael Cheng, senior software engineer at social entertainment platform, mig33  kicked off the evening with an introduction to his very own open source project, PHP-Queue. Put simply, PHP-Queue is “a unified front-end for different queuing backends”, that helps developers to manage

communication between components of their application. What’s great about PHP-Queue is that it manages to abstract away the differences in the myriad different cloud queueing/messaging systems, freeing you up to concentrate on more mission critical code.

Varun Chatterji,

Next up was Varun Chatterji from text messaging startup, allows any company or organisation to very easily send and receive SMSes from users. Once the domain of only richer companies who could afford their own SMS gateways, brings the accessibility of SMS communication to the masses with just a simple
web service and a smart phone app.

Introducing the audience to how Microsoft’s Visual Studio tools helped him manage’s backend architecture, Varun demonstrated how Visual Studio’s deep integration with the Azure cloud platform made managing the system, along with testing and deploying the application, a piece of cake.


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