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Had a little problem recently with Apache. I wanted to set up a local LAMP development for a project I was working on, so I set up an Apache VHost on a testing directory to serve files out of it. Having done this quite a number of times before, I assumed this to be a […]

Ran across this nasty problem today. I recently set up a LAMP environment on my laptop, intending to do local development for one of our sites. I did the usual setup of Apache VHosts and all.. only to find that the site had decided to stopped working. This was pretty strange since I’d just checked […]

After puzzling for quite a while on how to get the Fn keys working on a Macbook Pro (4,1) in Linux (they work fine in Mac OS X, of course), I came across a forum thread today that presented a very promising solution. Traditionally, the problem with the Fn-keys of the Feb ’08 edition of […]

Well, finally on Slackware 11.0 after such a long wait =) Haven’t had much time for a full review, but can’t say it’s a groundbreaking set of changes. In a diplomatic way, Slackware still stands for stability and speed.. but there times when you just want some of that eye-candy-love oh-so-much =) That said, ran […]

Since Slackware 11.0 was released, I’ve been wanting to wipe my HDD and start afresh. Of course then comes the usual concerns about how the system should be set up. I came across these two pages today, detailing the results of benchmarks against some of the more popular file systems commonly used in the *NIX […]

At last! At long long last! .. and a great big thank you to Pat V who’s been working away at it.. Currently downloading the ISOs through BitTorrent now.. Managed to get up to around 530 kb/s. Just finished CD1 in less than half an hour. That’s the fastest I’ve every downloaded an entire ISO […]

I was setting up my new harddisk with Linux (Slackware if you must know =) the other day.. The installation went fine.. the updating went fine.. Then came the part where I made Windows recognise my Linux HDD and boot it accordingly. I chose the NTLDR method over the install-GRUB/LILO-to-MBR route as I’ve heard Windows […]