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Ran into an interesting problem with Python on Mac OS X (Snow Leopard). Part and parcel of writing web application is dealing with information transfer between the server and the client, and the most common format for this is JSON. JSON is exceedingly common across the web, so imagine my surprise when I found that […]

Had a little trouble trying to get the Android SDK running on Fedora Eclipse on Fedora 10 recently. The problem I ran into upon attempting to install the Android Eclipse ADT was, as such: Following the installations Android SDK site and adding the repository site for the ADT, I get the following error about  org.eclipse.wst.sse.ui […]

Hands up those of you who have Mac-using friends who rave about wonder-boy code editor TextMate. Ever wondered what the type was about? Yeah? So did I. Anyways, had the luck of chancing upon a few blogs that, with a few tweaks, allows you to jostle gEdit into behaving somewhat like TextMate (especially in the […]

Had the pleasure (??) of working with a Solaris Zone for two courses so far for school. Solaris Zones are great for a lot of things, and I kinda wish I had the resources to go play around with them for a bit too. Having your own Zone to develop stuff in is great, but […]



Welcome to slackrw guys (and gals) Just a page here to keep track of my encounters in the tech world.. I’ll try to do stuff like reviews of stuff that I’ve tried out.. or maybe a tip or two.. depending on what I can come up with 😉 I’m mainly into Linux and OSS, so […]